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Here at Connect, we provide a wide range of different services for our customers. We work hard to reduce the hassle of warehouse solutions for you, making the process as simple as possible when it comes to handling your products and cargo.

While our offerings are vast, one of our core specialities is the fulfilment services we provide at our pick and pack fulfilment centre in the UK.

Pick and Pack Fulfilment Services with Connect

Pick and pack is our bread and butter here at Connect, and it’s a service we have provided to our customers for many years.

​In fact, it’s the foundation of our business, so we are more than experienced when it comes to all things pick and pack fulfilment.

But what is pick and pack fulfilment?

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and pack is part and parcel of any warehouse operation. It’s critical when it comes to the order fulfilment process, and is essentially following a few steps, which are:

First, items in a customers’ order are collected, or picked, from the locations within the pick and pack warehouse storage facility.

Next, these items are appropriately packaged, or packed, in a safe and secure manner, so nothing is damaged or lost.

Then, the product or package is shipped to the customer.


But it’s not so simple if you don’t have the right staff at hand to get the job done.

Here at Connect, however, our team are vastly experienced and have incredible levels of skill and accuracy when it comes to picking and packing, which means a higher quality of service for you.

This high quality is then passed on to your customers, which means a boost in your own reputation and operations as a result.

Nobody wants orders delivered late or even worse, damaged or containing incorrect items in their shipment, so we ensure that each and every product we pick and pack is quality checked and then checked again to be certain of no mistakes.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfilment Services with Connect

There are many benefits to using Connect for your pick and pack fulfilment requirements, so let’s take a look at a few.

  • Increased efficiency– Our staff are the best of the best because we only hire experienced professionals in our warehouse team. Their high level of efficiency provides a fantastic service for you, which means that in turn, you provide a fantastic service to your customers.
  • Quick fulfilment services and distribution of products– Thanks to our highly innovative iCloud system in place at Connect, we are able to fulfil orders and distribute products quicker than anyone in the industry.
  • Incredibly high accuracy – This combination of technology and high-quality staff means higher accuracy in our pick and packing operations, which is passed on to you and your customers.
  • Innovative iCloud based system – Our iCloud based warehouse management system is ideal for integration and minute-by-minute stock management for customers. You can track your consignments from the loading dock to the delivery truck, giving you the ultimate truck and allowing you to manage stock levels simply and effectively.
  • Tailored solutions – We provide pick and pack fulfilment services to our customers and have bespoke solutions available for you. Whether it’s commercial, retail, or eCommerce, we’ve got something that will work for your operations.
  • Flexible storage capacity of over 4,500 racked spaces – Our massive amount of floor space means that we have a huge amount of racked storage spaces available. All are heavy duty and with round the clock security, your products are in safe hands at Connect.
  • Vast experience and knowledge of the industry – Our team are highly trained and vastly experienced within the pick and pack game and have been carrying out fulfilment services for many years. It’s why we’re so highly rated within the industry and why we have so many happy customers.
  • Peace of mind – All of this equals peace of mind for our customers. Knowing that your pick and pack fulfilment requirements are in safe hands is a massive weight off your shoulders. It allows you to focus on your own operations rather than worrying about additional complexities of warehouse and fulfilment services.

Secure Location, Highly Trained Staff with Connect

Our pick and pack warehouse is state of the art and features high levels of advanced security, well-trained staff, and a clean, safe environment for your products. With round the clock, 24/7 CCTV, motion sensors, controlled access gates and perimeter lighting, you know your consignments and products are in safe hands at Connect.

We are also extremely passionate about customer service as well as the excellent standard of service we provide to our clients, and we love working with you to provide fantastic, innovative solutions to your pick and pack and storage requirements.

It’s why we’ve had so many happy customers over the years, and why we’re a leading operator of pick and pack warehouse solutions in the UK. It’s also why we’ve got clients from across the country and indeed the world, from a variety of different industries and specialisms.

Get in Touch with Connect

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss any and all eCommerce fulfillment services we provide at Connect. To ask any questions relating to your business specifically, or if you simply would like more information on the different kinds of storage provisions we can provide at our highly secure, multipurpose warehouse facility, get in touch today.

To do this, simply drop the Connect admin team an email at with any queries or concerns you might have, or give us a call on 01724 304478 for any information that you require.

We’re happy to speak about our facility, what it is we provide, and give you a tailored, bespoke quote on whatever your storage requirements are. We love speaking to potential customers about their warehouse needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team of experts today.

And to come and see for yourself, our warehouse is located on Unit 4, J2 Business Park Crowle, DN17 4DD, which is just off Junction 2 of the M180.

You can also use our live chat service at the bottom of this page.